• Basics Questions

  • What is Nonprofits Network?

    Nonprofits Network is the first and only social network in the world dedicated only to non-profit organizations - such as charities, foundations, the public and non-governmental organizations, with the exception of individual donors and volunteers.

  • What is the goal of this platform?

    The goal of the NPOS is to bring together all the non-profit organizations of the world on one platform who want to find grants, donors, supporters or partners for the implementation of their projects and ideas.

  • What are the benefits of an NPOS social network?

    It is unique not only in its ideological basis, but also in functionality. It is the only social network in the world where you can advertise projects or announcements of your organization absolutely for free. This is the only social network in the world where you can easily find partners. This is the only social network in the world where you can collect donations for any of your programs for free. This is the only social network in the world where you can find and win grants directly from the grantee. This is the only social network where you can freely communicate and request financial support from any organization. Here you can also share your ideas - This will help you find a support package, in the form of financial support or human strength. And the strongest influence joins all of this - International and world organizations with which you can make the world a better place.

  • How effective is it to register on Nonprofits Network?

    This platform is the only one in the world, it is unique in its functionality therefore also effectiveness. This is the only place where you can feel free to ask for financial support. Every day hundreds of organizations find and participate in various grant competitions. Various nonprofit organizations worldwide monthly receive over $ 35 million in aid through a total of more than 200 foundations and donors.This is also a wonderful way to communicate and make new connections with many foundations,donors,volunteers,ngos etc.

  • Do I have to pay for registration?

    Yes. Registration on the NPOS platform will require you a minimum one-time payment. After reading the previous paragraphs and familiarizing yourself with all the benefits $25 is the minimum and symbolic amount that you must to pay immediately after creating your account.

  • Account

  • Who can create an account?

    All non-profit organizations(Foundations,NGOs,Charity etc.), donors and volunteers can register from all over the world, which have state registration - except donors and volunteers.

  • How to register correctly?

    If you represent a non-profit organization, you do not need to register under an individual name. You must first enter your organization name and then your name in parentheses as a contact person. And if you are a donor or volunteer, you must fill in your last name in the field of the organization and your name in the field of the contact person.

  • What is included in my account?

    Each account includes full communication with the following functions: - Own Logo, Background image, Posting, Comments,Likes and dislikes,Chat,Photos and Photo albums,Videos (YouTube embed),Groups and groups creation,Partner - Add Partners,Add location, Donation button, Notifications,Searching system,Support sending button etc.

  • Can I delete my account or restore the deleted account?

    All users can delete the account, but the deleted account can no longer be restored later.

  • In what languages can I use my account?

    The Home page is in English but in interface there are 14 languages that you can change after registering.(German,Spanish,French,Italian,Dutch,Portuguese,Japanese,Arabi, Hebrew,Greek,Romanian,Russian,Indonesian,Esperanto)

  • Can I have more than one account?

    Having more than one account with the same data will result in blocking your account.

  • Grants

  • How to find grants?

    You can find a grant at any time, either randomly or purposefully. You can find random grant contests in foundations announcements if you are already a partner or the announcement is made available to everyone. Or In group “Grants and Projects” which is for certified pages.

  • How to quickly find grants?

    There are two ways to find a quick grant - Page certification through online grant courses and advertising. And the best option for participating in targeted grants is to participate in online grant courses. After successfully completing the courses, your profile will be certified, which will be the biggest guarantee and trust for the foundations.

  • Are there any restrictions on receiving a grant?

    No. There are no restrictions on participating or winning grant programs and you can participate in any grants competition.

  • What kind of grants can I find?

    Practically you can find grants in every type and field. Such as short-term or long-term educational, environmental, health, social, innovative, agricultural etc.

  • What is the probability of finding and winning a grant?

    The probability of finding grants is 99% because all areas are given a lot of attention and are updated regularly and the probability of winning the tenders depends on the status of your application. We can say for sure that it is 30% to 35% more than usual outside of this platform. Add to that your knowledge gained from online courses, certification of your organization page, direct and open communication etc.

  • Donors

  • Who are the donors?

    Donors are unique individuals who are involved in philanthropy by funding unique projects.

  • Who can become a donor?

    Donors can be anyone who wants to do a charity, who wants to help change the world and make it better. For that is no age limit, country, space, nationality or gender.

  • How to find donors on a Nonprofit Network?

    Unlike non-profit organizations, you cannot find and ask donors for money. It is not comfortable. They will find you on their own thanks to your unique projects and will finance them if wish.Except sometimes you can see their posts in the news feed or ads and then you can contact them.

  • Foundations

  • Who are the fundations?

    Foundations are non-profit organizations created on the basis of program support who is ready to finance various programs and projects.

  • How to find foundations on a Nonprofit Network?

    In the left menu on your page, click Find Partners and choose Foundations. There you will find all the foundations registered on the platform.

  • What projects are supported by foundations?

    Usually all foundations have specific directions on which they distribute financial support. They are ecological, healthcare, agricultural, innovation, Education and other areas.

  • Can I apply to foundations outside of their programs?

    Yes. You can apply for support for your own projects but only if the area of your project is appropriate for that foundation. For example, if your project is related to the environment, you can not apply to an educational foundation. You should apply to an environmental foundation.

  • Volunteers

  • Who are the volunteers?

    Volunteers are unique persons who are ready to support various programs by physical or mental abilities but not in all cases unselfish.

  • What are the benefits of volunteering?

    The first advantage is to participate in making a better world then make new friends and live in different parts of the world and become paid volunteer worker.

  • How to find volunteers on a Nonprofit Network?

    As like donors, volunteers also cannot be found in searching results. They will also find you on their own. Except sometimes you can see their posts in the news feed or ads and then you can contact them.

  • Who can become a volunteer and how?

    Anyone over 18 years with a global mindset can be volunteer. To become a volunteer you only need to choose one direction. For example, a volunteer cannot be in the field of environment and health at the same time and cannot apply to participate in more than one area.

  • NGOs

  • Who are NGOs?

    NGOs are non-governmental organizations which implement various programs in the areas of the environment, health care, agriculture, education, human rights, innovative technologies, social issues, etc.

  • What can do NGOs on a nonprofit social network?

    NGOs can find partners, participate or apply for grants collect donations,get supports, participate in online grant courses, find new contacts and much more.

  • How to find NGOs on a Nonprofit Network?

    In the left menu on your page, click Find Partners and choose NGOs. There you will find all the NGOs registered on the platform.

  • Can an NGOs announce a grant tender ?

    Yes. Without exception, any NGO can also announce grant or intermediary tenders.

  • Advertising

  • How much does the cost advertising?

    Advertising in Nonprofits Network is free and always will be free. Yes, you heard correctly. This is the only social network in the world where advertising is free for all non-profit organizations.

  • Who can post an ad?

    Ads can be published by all users who have at least 100 points in their account.

  • What is a point and what is its meaning?

    Points are unique items on a NPOS platform that are used or spent only for advertising. Each user can have points it is free and not for sale. Collecting points is easy and very simple. Sometimes it will assemble even effortlessly over time due to your activity on the platform.

  • How to collect points?

    1 for sending a message

    2 for every like

    5 for every comment

    10 for creating a wall post

    100 for the winning of the first grant

    250 for a certified page

    500 for every confirmed invitation

  • What parameters are needed for advertising?

    To place an ad you need a 400px to 210px size poster image that is directly related to the topic of your ad,short title and up to 25 letters text.

  • Rules

  • There are any special rules?

    Yes. In a place where the word refers to great deeds, one cannot do without rules and requirements.

    There is a some rules, which you must follow.

    At the searching of funds, be as discreet as possible. Don't ask for more than necessary and be grounded.

    In case of rejection don't be rude.

    Don't use profanities.

    Don't lie, be as honest as possible.

    Don't engage in activities outside of your charter.

    Don't engage in fraud.

  • How to stay effective?

    The effectiveness of your activities is conditioned by some actions that we recommend to follow.

    Be frequent online

    Periodically publish materials about your activities

    Publish yours awards(if you have them)

    Get a certificate

    Collect many points

    Post exclusive themed photos

    Get many partners

    Share your page on other social platforms-like Twitter,Facebook,Instagra,Linkedin etc.

  • How to get started - first steps

    The first step after registration is to make certain information available publicly about your organization.

    Post thematic, unique and attractive photos.

    Publish your best project for which you would like to find your first grant or other support.

    Search for nonprofits that match your project and send partner request.

    Like, share and comment on the material published by your partners.

    Once you have scored your first 300 points, place an ad for 3 days for supporting your best project.

  • In which case the pages are blocked?

    Page can be blocked temporarily or forever, depending on the reasons for the violation. It may be blocked when other organizations reported a complaint or when you violated the terms of the platform - Such as: inappropriate vocabulary, rudeness, illegality, deception, blackmail, falsehood etc.

  • Who can not register?

    Persons under the age of 18 and all organizations that do not have state registration cannot register.